Born out of the ruins of the legendary HOER, one of the few Industrial bands the Netherlands ever knew. Where HOER had the accent toward metal muziek,  Xtort explored the origins in Electronics, New Wave, postpunk & the founding fathers of Industrial music like Coil, Cabaret Voltaire , Human League & DAF. But also touching the sound & feel of acts like Nine Inch Nails & Laibach 
After lots of shows in The Netherlands & Germany and even more line-up changes Xort decides to continue as a solo act. Through the years Xtort releases several EP's (Transform 2004) (Sexshop 2008) & (Knowing You 2011). In 2016  Xtort comes with their first album (Isolation) with 10 songs about war fear & insanity. 2017 Brings 3 new tracks, 1single (Freundschaft) (Domination & Fire occult mix) & 2 contributions to USA based Latex Records & Venus Aeon records compilations. A special remix of 'Fire' on the compilation 'sing me something sinister' by Seja Records. 
Xtort brings the soundtrack to these confusing times, what is real?, who can i trust?, do i even care?
We are hiding in the shadows ........

2019 brought the second full lenght album 'nothing is real'
A deeper journey into electronic music. 

some quotes from the press:

'Knallender Industrial, zerrt dich auf die tanz-flache!! DJ KAOS weiß was dein Körper  in Bewegung versetzt'. (Orkus DE)

'Mankind is evil, xtort reflects on this, 'Nothing is real' illustrates on this perfectly , man is as wel good & evil, a perfect musical battle between good & evil (9/10 Dark Entries BE)

'A Fantastic new album' (De Subjectivisten NL)

'Dark Morbid, very dancable music'' (Rockportaal NL) 

'A Lively underground Album which is really enjoyable, socially critical & clubworthy' (Nightshade Magazine DE) 

'We hear the style of DAF but even more industrial (Luminous Dash BE)

'Cyberpunk & Futurepop Dystopian industrial Nightstylez, brutal vocalisms robotic vocoders, (Neo)cosmic  synth melancholia synthpop, synthwave, Italodisco & Rave (DE)